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3rd March 2011
Cecil is our latest arrival. He has been a stray for a long time and has really suffered during the winter. He has now been neutered and his matts shaved, sadly he had to have all his teeth out except one, and he is currently being fed pate type food as it easier for him to eat with his gums and sore, scarred throat, this was from where he had been scavenging when stray. We are hoping for a full recovery in time. Cecil is such a sweet natured older cat and loves lots of fuss, and one day we hope to find him a very special home where he will be loved and cared for.

10th March 2011
Cecil has now had his first week with us, we have bathed him in our granddaughters baby bath, which he actually sat in and enjoyed himself!! He also has daily washes as he is still getting very messy eating and drinking. Yesterday he went for a weekly check up at the vets, and we were delighted that he has gone from 3.6 kilo to 3.87. But he does eat more than a pot bellied pig at the moment! His throat is a little better but we have been told it will probably never be healed completely, he has suffered too much trauma with it. He is fed on a mashed diet at the moment which he can swallow better. He is loving his fuss and attention and anybody that visits has to make a fuss of him.. Can we also say a big thank you to the lady at the pet shop in Chippenham where we had a charity stall last weekend, she saw Cecils picture and story and bought some food for him and gave us £5 to go towards his bills. Cecil says thankyou too, he thinks he is a star now being written about on the computer!!

24th March 2011
Cecil is coming on in leaps and bounds now. He has been weighed today and has now gone up to 4.1 kilo, so half a kilo in twenty days!! He is still ravenous and does not grasp the idea that he will have another meal given to him so wants to continually eat anything. Yesterday I had a cooked chicken in the fridge and Cecil was being washed so was loose in the kitchen. My husband went to get a bottle of milk out of the fridge and Cecil pounced on the chicken, dragged it out the fridge on a plate and ran around the kitchen with it, we then chased around after Cecil to take it off him. I was not overly concerned that he had it but did not want him to choke on it!! But I did of course let him have some cut into tiny pieces. He is such a friendly boy and he does not wait for you to stroke him, he stands on his two back legs demanding attention. I am sure that he is feeling a lot better than a month ago. He is a very rewarding cat.

5th April 2011
Cecil is getting bigger and stronger by the day now, his need for food has slowed up a tiny bit, still enjoys everything he can get his gums on but not as desperate. He now weights 4.4 kilos and that is superb weight gain, his spine is now not as visible, his fur is growing back and he has a fat tummy!! He still does not wash himself so has to rely on me to clean him up. I think he would much rather be dirty!! His temperament is so good, he really enjoys being brushed and loves lots of fuss. If he carries on as he is it wont be long before we can look for a special home for him.
Cecil the Devizes cat saved by a whisker
When Cecil the cat was discovered in February, he was close to death. He had been a stray for a long time and had suffered in the winter freeze. His fur was matted and he was on the point of starvation. Cecil was found in Devizes and taken to Macqueen Veterinary Centre at Hopton Park, Devizes. From there, he was passed on to the Chippenham-based charity, Cat Rescue. One of its volunteers, Julie Morris, is now looking after Cecil at her home in Sells Green. She said: “I was quite horrified. He had not been fed and people had locked their cat flaps to stop him coming in, so he was quite literally starving.” Subsequently he had to have all of his teeth removed except one. His throat was also scarred and sore from the things he had been trying to eat while scavenging. However, since he was taken in by Cat Rescue, Cecil, who is believed to be aged anywhere between nine and 15, is improving rapidly. Mrs Morris said “Healthwise he’s coming on leaps and bounds. He’s got a belly on him. He’s a proper little rascal and he’s really relishing food.” Cat Rescue was set up in 1972 by animal lover Jean Gilbert, of Sadlers Mead, Chippenham. However, in all those years they have never been as inundated with cats as they are now. They are currently looking after 35 cats with an ever-extending waiting list. Mrs Morris said: “We do our best, but sometimes it’s just not enough. We haven’t got the space, they sleep in my bedroom when it’s needed. We urgently need good homes for cats including older cats and timid cats.” Cats are often just dumped by their owners as they can no longer afford to keep them due to insurance and expensive vet bills. If you can offer a cat a home ring (01249) 653443 or visit where you can follow Cecil’s progress.
13th May
Cecil is progressing very well, he now weighs 4.9 kilo. Since he has come in he has put on 1 and a half kilo, and he still needs to gain a bit more. He is so happy and friendly he is a joy to be around and I am sure he is enjoying life a great deal more. He has had a newspaper article which you can read above this, and a lot of people have contacted us over him, he has got quite a fan club!! His appetite is still enormous, I will have to be careful or he will end up looking like a pot bellied pig!! It wont be long now until he can get a forever home which he will really enjoy.
18 June 2011
We have now come to the end of Cecils diary as he is fit and ready to go a special home somewhere, since Cecil has been with us he has put on a whopping two kilos. He is happy and affectionate, he is a dominant male so would not be suitable with other cats in the home unless they were elderly, these he has no problems with but the younger ones he can be bossy! His coat is improving still and with lots of stroking and brushing will continue to improve. He is energetic and I would say he is no more than ten . Cecil says thank you to everyone who has helped him and supported him in his recovery and please can he now have a proper home of his own?

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